10 Awful Things about China

  1. Pollution – Breathing the air in some cities in China is equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

2. Corrupt

3. Racist -China is one of the most racist countries you’ll ever see in all your days. But it is in a different type of way. Whites are favored in China in so many ways whether its getting teaching jobs they get just because of their skin color, “window jobs”, Being allowed to go to clubs for free, people become and befriend you, and women throw themselves on you. Whereas if you are Black, well you know……..

4. Rude & Poor Hygiene

Chinese touritst-master

Most Chinese toilets look like this


5. Animal Cruelty

6. Disregard for human life –

In China many people try and kill the pedestrians they hit, even if they are children. Because it is cheaper for them to pay compensation for them if they are dead then rather than if they are alive.

7. Lack of Freedom –

google, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, are not allowed in China.


8. Outlandish claims for islands

9. Dishonest and Counterfeit


10. Oppressive Workplace culture – In China employers have total control over their employees. They can whip them or force them to engage in humiliating punishments for things such as not meeting their sales targets


Isn’t it no wonder that China is said to suffer from the worst brain drain in the world: 7 out of 10 students who enroll overseas never move back to live in China.



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