The Lost Generation : 10 Reasons Why this Generation of Black Youth have it worse than their parents

1. Lack of Wealth being passed on

Downward intergenerational social mobility from the middle to the bottom is much more common among Black Americans. Seven out of ten Black Americans born into the middle quintile fall into one of the two quintiles below as adults. (70%) compared to (36% for Whites)  In some ways, this is an even more depressing fact than the poor rates of upward mobility. Even black Americans who make it to the middle class are likely to see their kids fall down the ladder:



2. Lack of Black owned Businesses

3. Multiracism

4. Population regression and Gentrification

5. Lack of manufacturing jobs

6. Higher requirements for jobs


7. Increase of Tuition costs

8. Regression of Black media

9. Lack of vigilance. Lack of will in Fighting racism

10. Death of affirmative Action


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