Things that Black people do that make no sense

  1. Self Afrophobia

Africans pretending they are some kind of special African, and hating and mistreating other Africans. While Non Black foreigners, (who make more money than them, mistreat them in their own countries, and own disproportionate amount of the countries land) are given a pass.

2. Selling their own people into slavery on a mass scale

3. Pushing people off their land to sell to foreigners

3. Financial Dominance of AntiBlack racial groups in Black communities

4. Fighting and killing each other over religion.

Abubakar Shekau, Rewards for Justice.jpg

5. Supporting people or groups that don’t support them.


6. Participation of negative racial stereotypes on media.

7. Pretending they are not Black.

8. Abandoning your own communities and institutions in favor of integration

9. Selective Hypervigilance (particularly obsession with gays) But refusing to stand up for yourself on issues that count.

Rioting over Muhammad Cartoon

10. Illegitimate Children


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