Fastest growing cities for Blacks

  1. Atlanta 473,493 people Blacks (24,000 annually) – Rated as the city where Blacks are doing the best economically. With its well-established religious and educational institutions, notably Spelman and Morehouse, which are ranked first and third, respectively, by US News among the nation’s historically black colleges, the area has arguably the strongest infrastructure for African-American advancement in the country. The superlatives extend well beyond glamour to the basics of everyday life. Some 46.9% the metro area’s black population owned their own homes as of 2013, well above the 38% major metro average for African-Americans. Atlanta’s African-Americans have a median household income of $41,800, also considerably above the major metro average, while their rate of self-employment, 17.1%, is second only to New Orleans.

2.  Dallas, Texas 233,890 growth 33%


3. Houston  21,000 annually (11,000 annually)




4. Miami area

Broward County attracted more new black residents than any other county in the United States between July 2004 and July 2005, according to Census figures released today.

The continued surge in black residents is being driven by immigrants from the Caribbean, some of whom move to Broward after short stops in Miami-Dade, say demographers. After getting established, they look north for better job prospects and quality of life in Broward.

Broward added 16,522 new black residents in the 12 months ending July 31, 2005. Gwinnett County, Ga., in the Atlanta metro area, came in second with 13,854, according to population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Miami-Dade’s black population increased by just 1,583 people, or less than 1 percent.

Broward also leads the nation in the number of new black residents added between 2000 and 2005. The five-year total is 92,378. Again, Gwinnett comes in second with 62,732. The five-year figure for Miami-Dade is 10,528.



5. Washington, D.C area

Washington Pentagon_dc_skyline


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