Quick Certificate Programs

CELTA – 1 Month

TEFL – 1 Month

10. Spoken language interpreter.

Maybe you grew up speaking two languages or picked one up while traveling abroad. If so, hospitals, courtrooms, and social service agencies need your help. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in five interpreters works for themselves, and many work part time. Plus, oftentimes, only a one-day exam is needed to be certified. Average salary: $44,175 a year.

Truck driver

Job description: The stereotype of a truck driver seems to be one of a rough, rugged man, but today’s truckers run the gamut from single moms to retired seniors. Truck drivers deliver everything from automobiles to canned food and appliances and are usually responsible for loading and unloading their own cargo.

Training required: Truck drivers generally need a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, in addition to a regular driver’s license. Training for the CDL is offered by many private and public vocational schools. Those driving small trucks may only require brief on-the-job training, but those looking to drive bigger trucks will need a training program certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute. Some of these courses can teach students how to confidently handle a big rig in as little as a month.

Cost of training: Because trucking companies generally look to hire drivers who already have training and experience, they usually don’t cover the cost of initial training, but some do offer tuition reimbursement. Tuition for big rig schools typically costs $4,000.

Expected salary: In 2006, the median hourly rate for heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers was $16.85.


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