Lessons about life

Don’t assume, find out.

Try to purchase assets instead  of consumer goods

People hate weakness and are attracted to strong personalities

You teach people how to treat you

People don’t really care about oppression unless it happens to themselves

The problem with philosophy with is that it is 100% opinion

One problem with some parents is that they give their kids too many choices, too many choices is not a good thing.

If you only work for the money, you will fail. You exceed only when try to be the best.

Trying to be a jack of all trades is one of the most stupidest things a person can do. If you are highly qualified in a skill, you will be highly paid in a skill.

What you put in your mind is more important

You make  a business from something you excel at. Do what is necessary to maintain it. Lawyer, Cpa, Banker

Intelligence is What you get by dealing with the real world. Education is that you get from school. Don’t do something where you can’t see someone making a million dollars from. Perfect your craft and customers will look for you.

A gold digger is someone who brings nothing to the table

Potential is not important. Just because you have feet, doesn’t make you a race track star. That’s not really potential. We don’t need potential we need drive

Get with people that know what you know and believe what you believe

The Longest journey starts with a single step

Been abused for so long you can’t tell the difference between civilized and uncivilized behavior

Power only respects power

Grants are given to you under certain conditions.

There is no such thing as free money. Have good credit, and a decent balance sheet.

Banks do not loan money to people who need money. They are looking for people who will give them a large return on investment. They want someone who will take their money and pay it back it back from interest.

Businesses fail because they are underfunded You should be able to have enough money last for three years without doing even making a single sale.

The first step is the longest journey.


Leaving a gym

If you want to cancel your membership, just say you are moving out of town so they will leave you alone.

Renting a car 

For the best weekend deal call up on Friday sometime before 2pm and say, “I have all my info, drivers license and credit card, can I get a rental all setup so I don’t have to do anything but sign the ticket when I come in?  Why?This is GOLD because now the agent can pre-write your ticket and get that car off his books before the 2pm count (if a car is unrented at 2pm, it counts against the branch for that day so he’ll write your ticket before 2:00 and then the car can sit there all day for all he cares). Have your rate in mind and ask for it–don’t be afraid to make your own price! If there is a car available, you’ll get that car. If you still can’t get the rate you want, casually mention you probably need the extra insurance. He’ll write the contract now, then you initial the “decline” boxes when you come for the car (so you changed your mind). The contract is already written; he can go back and take off the waiver with just a couple keystrokes, it’ll probably cheese him off but you’ll get your lower rate and not pay for the insurance.



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