Tallest Buildings in the Year 2020

  1. Jeddah Tower – Jeddah Tower is currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, scheduled to be completed in 2019. It will be the first building to exceed 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) with a planned height of 1,007 metres (3,304 ft). Once completed it will become the tallest building and tallest freestanding structure in the world.

Cost $1.23 billion

2. Burj Khalifa – 2,722 feet

Cost – $1.5 billion

3. Suzhou Zhongnan 729 m (2,392 ft)   Suzhou, China

Cost – $4.46 billion

4. Wuhan Greenland Center 2,085  Wuhan, China

Cost – $4.5 billion

4. KL 118 (2,083-foot)  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5. Shanghai Tower 2,072 feet    Shanghai, China


Hudson Spire 2,000 feet



6. Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower 1,971   Mecca, Saudi Arabia

7. Ping An Finance Center 1,965    Shenzhen, China


$1.46 billion

8. Goldin Finance Center 1,959    Tianjin, China

9. Baoneng Shenyang Global Finance Center 1,854   Shenyang, China

10. Lotte Tower   1,821 ft    Seoul, South Korea



11. Freedom Tower 1,776 +1,792 Tip


Half of the World’s tallest buildings will be in China

There will be no tall buildings from Africa. This is something every African should be angry about.

How well you are able to build tall and magnificent buildings demonstrate how smart, wealthy, and modern your society is.

Africa should at least try to build one 1,800 ft supertall. It would probably cost $1-2 billion dollars but it would be worth it.

Best cities for it




Dar Es Salaam


(Maybe a freestanding structure for Accra)





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