7 Things parents should pass down on to their children

  1. House

The average house in America is $175,000


2. Playing An Instrument

For starters, playing an instrument well is just an impressive ability, period. It speaks volumes about your character, which is something that you’d want to pass down to your offspring. Most people might just respect the ability to master what is, for some, not an easy skill, but others will equate that ability to play an instrument with a poetic sensibility they might not otherwise have been recognized.

Cost – $ 300 month or $ 4,000 annually

Start kids when they are 4-15


3. Fixing A Car

Teaching another a human how to fix a car will probably seem daunting if engines have mystified you up until this point, but luckily you don’t really need to know much. The objective is to help your kid understand enough that they can maintain their future car correctly and can actually diagnose car troubles instead of just opening the hood and looking puzzled. Besides, knowing the basics will make them seem like less of a rube to dishonest mechanics.

4. Cooking

You don’t have to take classes or start shopping for expensive cookware — just start small. You’re going to want to teach your child to at least be able to make the simple dishes, as this will greatly help later on in life. Once you’ve taught a few classics, expand your repertoire as you see fit

5. Handyman Skills

This broad category covers everything a father can reasonably be expected to do in maintaining a home and doing basic repairs; none of this stuff is as complicated as working with a car, and it mostly comes down to having the right tools for the job and being willing to get your hands dirty. There’s virtually nothing the internet can’t tell you how to fix, but it’ll be a lesson that will resonate better coming from a father.


6. Style And Grooming

Every guy has his own personal style, but there’s a thin line between hipster carelessness and looking like a slob. It’s better to teach your child to stay a comfortable distance on the clean-cut side of that line. There’s nothing difficult or even time-consuming about good grooming, but it’s an essential skill that every father should pass down to their sons. Stress the importance of it enough and hopefully they’ll avoid laziness in the future.

6. How to be assertive and self defense


7. Etiquette

Though it might not strike you as much of a skill when you’re shooting the bull with friends, being proper during a conversation is a skill, and one that takes some practice. Listening and actually paying attention becomes infinitely more important. When they’re older, you’ll want your kids to come across as both confident and empathetic while conversing, which is something of a balancing act. Being able to explain and adequately express themselves with manners though, can easily cover for lacking any of these other skills, which is why it’s so crucial.



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