30 Richest Black American neighborhoods

  1. Prince George County, Maryland, DC area

Prince George County

2. Atlanta Southern Suburbs

3. Los Ángeles Southwest Suburbs

4. Chicago South Suburbs

5. New York Southeast Queens and inner Nassau County, and Rockland County

6. Houston Southwest Suburbs

S Houston Suburbs Black Population Growth Map

Houston does not have large “all-Black” suburbs that are typical of places like Atlanta or Washington DC. However, for those who want to enjoy the middle class and upper middle class lifestyle within the same culture, this is where it is most possible.

Cities like Missouri City 46%, Fresno 60%, Stafford 27% Black, Brookshire 38% Black

Middle class African Americans have been living in significant numbers in Missouri City since the 1970s and in 2000, it was named a model city for Middle-class African Americans by Black Entertainment Television (BET). It is a family oriented city with a combination of  white collar professionals and well paid blue collar workers

7. Dallas Southwest Suburbs – “Best Southwest is a term commonly applied to four Dallas suburbs – Cedar Hill 51%Black , DeSoto, 70% Black , Duncanville 30% Black, and Lancaster 69% Black – in southwestern Dallas County, Texas (USA). As of the 2010 census, the four suburbs had a combined population of 171,000.[1]

The term “Best Southwest” was first used when the Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, and Lancaster chambers of commerce formed a partnership to improve cooperation between the cities.[2] They formed the Best Southwest Chamber Partnership in 1986, and it was incorporated in 1990.The four municipalities, frequently work together on local events and projects.

8. Miami Broward County Suburbs

9. Detroit Northwest Suburbs

10. South Westchester County and Rockland County, New York

Image result for South Westchester County New York


1. Woodmore, Maryland $161,000  D.C Metro ( Number 30 in America) Average home Price – $600,000

The Woodmore and Mitchellville community is notable as one the most affluent predominantly African-American community in the United States.[3] The population of Woodmore (defined by CDP 86710) was 3,936 at the 2010 census.[4]

The gated community “Woodmore” is centered on a country club; the community is planned to consist of 398 single-family homes on 799 acres (3.2 km2).[5]


2. View Park-Windsor Hills, CA- $160,168  Los Angeles Metro

2. Average home price $ 849,000

Neighborhoods in Windsor Hills and View Park are no longer exclusively black neighborhoods and on at least one block where columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson lives, the majority of residents are now white. (Courtesy photo)

3. Baldwin Hills, CA- $157,033  Los Angeles Metro


4. South Orange, New Jersey $144,000

Average home price $470,000

5. Ladera Heights, CA- $132,824  Los Angeles Metro

  1. Average home price $1,136,400

Ladera Heights originated in the late 1940s with the development of “Old Ladera”. In the 1960s, custom homes were built in “New Ladera”. Prominent builders included Valentine and Gallant. Robert Earl, who designed many of the Valentine homes, went on to build large multimillion-dollar estates throughout Southern California and in other countries. Neighboring Fox Hills contained a beautiful golf course with rolling hills that backed up to Wooster Avenue. Valentine built Robert Earl designed homes on Wooster overlooking the Fox Hills golf course. Years later, Donald Trump asked Earl to design estate homes with panoramic views of his Palos Verdes golf course.

Baseball player Frank Robinson and other sports players began moving to Ladera Heights in the early 1970s.[3]Many celebrities have lived in Ladera Heights over the years, including Peter Vidmar (Olympic Gold 84), Vanessa Williams (Actress), Chris Darden (Attorney), Chris Strait (Comedian), Lisa Leslie and Olympia Scott (Basketball), Ken Norton (Boxing), Arron Afflalo, Tyler, The Creator (Rapper) and Byron Scott (Basketball)


6. Flossmoor, Illinois $122,000 Chicago Metro

Average home price $214,000

7. Mitchellville, MD- $118,022  D.C Metro


8. Forest Hills, Washington,D.C $116,000

9. Fort Washington, MD- $114,243  D.C Metro

10. Glenn Dale, D.C Metro $113,000

11. Kettering, MD- $107,008 D.C Metro

12. Lakeview, Long Island, NY- $117,000  New York City Metro


13. Palmer Woods, Detroit $109,000

Average home Price – $540,000

14. Birchwood Knolls, Westbury, New York  $107,000

15. Lake Kesslerwood- Charlevoix, Indianapolis

16. Cambria Heights, Queens, New York City  $100,000


Average home cost $468,000

17. Laurelton, Queens, New York City $99,000


18. University District, Detroit  $98,000

19. Wheatley Heights, New York

20. Friendly, Maryland $82,000

21. Riverside Terrace, Houston, Texas $81,000

Average home price $514,000



22. Mount Airy, Philadelphia  $80,000

23. Washington Terrace-Kingsbury Place, Saint Louis

24. Hillcrest, New York $76,000

friendly, maryland

25. Uniondale, New York $76,000


uniondale, ny

26. Miramar, Florida $75,000  Miami Metro

27. Collier Heights, Atlanta, Georgia


28. Cascade, Atlanta, Georgia

29. Stockbridge, Georgia

30. Lake Ridge, Cedar Hill, Texas   $60,000

Average home Price – $420,000


Most expensive Black neighborhoods

  1. Ladera Heights, Los Angeles  1.1 million
  2. View Park-Windsor Hills, Los Angeles $849,000
  3. Woodmore, Maryland $600,000

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