Hispanic is not a race it is a language and culture

One of the most common Misconception, especially in the United States is that Hispanic is a race rather than a culture or Linguistic group

More than 400 million speak Spanish Worldwide


Now the Majority of Hispanics are Mestizo 40%


Majority Mestizo – Total 180 million

A Mestizo is someone one who Half Native America/and White

Paraguay 95%  6.5 million

Honduras 90% (Honduras has the lowest percentage of Whites)   7.3 million

Honduran people.jpg

El Salvador 86%  5.5 million

Ecuador 74%   11.6 million

Nicaragua 69%   4.2 million  (Amerindian 5%)

Costa Rica 65%     3.2 million   (2.4% Amerindian)

Chile 65%   11.5 million   (Amerindian 5%)

Panama   60% Mestizo (20%  Black,  12% Indigenous, 7% White, 2% Asian (Panama is probably the most multicultural Hispanic Country)


Mexico 60%     72 million    (Amerindian 22%,25 million)

Venezuela 51%   15.5 million  (Amerindian 3%)

Colombia 49% (35% White) (11% Black)  (3% Amerindian) (2% Middle Eastern)  23.1 million


Famous Mestizo Hispanics –


Pancho Villa

Oscar De La Hoya

Mario Lopez


Majority Amerindian – 50 million (12%)

Bolivia 55%  5.9 million

Peru 45%   14 million

Peru people

Guatemala 41%    6.3 million

Mexico 22%    26 million

Famous Amerindian Hispanics

Benito Juarez

Evo Morales



Majority White-103 million  26%

Argentina 97%  40.2 million

Uruguay 90%  3.1 million ( Country with the lowest Indigenous rate)

Cuba 37%  4.2 million

White Cubans

Colombia  22%  10 million

Antanas Mockus (3).jpg

Famous White Hispanics

Cameron Diaz

Che Guevara

Fidel Castro

Christina Aguillera

Ricky Martin

Oscar de La Renta

Eva Peron

Eva Perón (cropped).JPG

Pope Francis


Willy Chirino

Rosita Fornés en casa de Los Chirinos.jpg

Majority Black or Mulatto – 42 million

Dominican Republic 86%  9.2-10 million

Carnaval de Cristo Rey 2013 - Santo Domingo, República Dominicana (cristoreyenlinea - cristoreypalmundo) (92)

Cuba 62%  7 million

Black Cubans

Panama 25%  1 million

Colombia 10-25%   5-11 million


Famous Black Hispanics

Celia Cruz

Amara La Negra


Sammy Sosa

David Ortiz

Faison Love


Zoe Saldana

Christina Milian


Majority Triracial

Puerto Rico 62%   2.2 milllion


Colombia – Unknown

Venezuela – Unknown



Famous Triracial Hispanics

Hugo Chávez (02-04-2010).jpg

Sonia Sotomayor



Arab/Middle Eastern 10 million

Argentina 3.5 million  (5%)

Venezuela 1.5

Colombia 1.5 million (2%)

Mexico  1 million

Chile 800,000

Honduras 200,000 (3%)

Honduran Arabs

Famous Arab Hispanic

Carlos Slim Helu


Selma Hayek


Asians   1%

Peru  5%   1.5 million

Venezuela  500,000





Famous Asian Hispanics

Roberto Fujimori

Harry Shum, Jr

Ana Gabriel

Ana Gabriel.jpg

Chinese Cuban





Chile (Easter Island)




Spain   46.8 million


Equatorial Guinea  1.2 million

Spanish accents

Spanish regional accents

  1. Mexican Spanish


2. Central American Spanish

3. Bolivarian Spanish – Colombia, Venezuela,

3. Andean Spanish – Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia

4. Chilean, Argentinan, Uruguayan Spanish

Words or colloquialism

Boludo or Pelotudo – Idiot

ll sound is replaced with sh sound

z sound is replaced with s sound


5. Caribbean Spanish

This dialect is spoken in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and along the East coast of Mexico and Central America; it is characterized by elided middle consonants and omitted final consonants, as well as an aspirated ‘r’ that is pronounced like the Portuguese ‘x.’

Strong contraction in everyday speech is common, as in “voy a” into “vuá” or “voá”, or “¿para adónde vas?” into “¿p’ónde va’?”. Another example: “Taco ‘tá ‘co’ta’o”, from “Taco está acostado” (“Taco is lying down / Taco is sleeping”).

6. Castillian Spanish

  • Lisp
  • Vosotros


So why do many Latino’s like to tell others that they are a race.

  1. Many Latino’s are mixed race so it is easier to identify with the cultural identity rather than the racial identity. Especially in Places like Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela where many people are triracial. Why are there so many mixed race people in Latin America, because were multiracial, that did not have antimiscegenation laws like the United States or South Africa.
  2. Many Black and Native American Latinos and hide under the Latino label because they are afraid of receiving the same level of discrimination as the local Black or Native American population.
  3. Many White Latinos hide under the Latino category because they can qualify for minority programs.

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