Ways to make money on side

  1. Uber average 20k part time

2. Writing for listverse

100 dollars per article Maximum ($1,000 for 10 articles)

3. Mystery shopping 100 a week

Focus groups 100 to 250 per session findfocusgroups.com

Clinical trials varies

Grade Papers

Test Scoring

Sites like ACT, the ETS Online Scoring Network, Pearson Assessments and Write Score enable educators to score student tests and essays at home as well as help develop and edit testing materials. Most of these sites require at least a two-year college degree. Actual teaching experience is preferred. The pay ranges from $8-$15/hour, but you do have steady work given to you on a weekly basis


A proofreader examines a final draft of a document, book, newspaper, or any other written communication, after it has been edited, to ensure that no errors remain. Proofreaders must have a keen eye to find spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of grammar.

  • Median Hourly Wage: $15.93
  • Hiring Outlook: Slower than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 3% increase in jobs through 2022

Maybe about $30,000


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