Understanding Africa : Myth 1 – Africa is a Country

  • 1.1 billion people
  • The name Africa comes the Latin word aprica “sunny”.
  • Or the Greek word aphrike (Αφρική), “without cold”.
  • Africa has more countries than any other continent in the world
  • 54 different countries in 5 different regions
  • West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, North Africa,
  • With various types of cultures, languages and climates and topography.
  • Africa is the only continent that occupies all four of the Earth’s hemispheres.
  • If you combine the USA, China, India, Europe and Japan – they all fit into Africa. In fact the USA fits into the African continent three times!

More Basic Facts about Africa

  • 1.1 Billion people
  • Fastest growing region in the world economically at 6% compared to East Asia’s 5%
  • 50 percent of Africans are 19 years old or younger
  • Current middle class is 310 million, which is more than the entire population of the United States.

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