Myth 6 : Africa has no history Africans contributed Nothing

  • Africans – Domesticate animals, Trial by jury, first to smelt iron 3500 BC Egypt Haya people 2,000 BC Niger 1500, coffee
  • door lock and keys, combs, scissors, condom, high heeled shoes, papyrus, pen, library, waterclock,plow,black ink, wigs, makeup, deodorants, toothbrush and toothpaste. Irrigation, plow, sun calender, twisted rope, Oldest writing system, breath mints,bowling, sails, first planned city, Kahun, Amarna first city with sewage system , first mining system, languages Longest written history. Innoculation, Inspired Greeks
  • Yoruba Binary Code, PhillipEmeagwali, Father of the internet, Thomas Mensah




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