• Worlds second largest movie industry
  • – Worlds largest man made lake
  • – Worlds oldest written language
  • – Worlds oldest monarchy
  • – One of few countries never to be colonized
  • – Coffee
  • – Worlds biggest wall
  • – Worlds oldest manuscripts


  • Africa produces 90% the worlds cobalt which makes batteries, jet engines,rust preventer , 90% of its platinum( it is the most valuable commodity in the world twice as much as gold) ,90% of coltan, coltan is the stuff the material that most cell phones and computer chips are made of. 70% of the world’s diamonds, 50% of its gold, 98% of its chromium, 70% of its tantalite,70% of bauxite which is used to make things like aluminum 64% of its manganese and one-third of its uranium, is used to make bombs. 70% of chocolate.
  • The problem is that since colonization Africans have not been able to benefit from their resources the same way as it had before


  • Why this misperception
  • – Africans in the past benefitted from their resources, now they don’t
  • – Racist propoganda “Gods Must be crazy” , emphasis on showcasing crazy tribes
  • – Equivalent of showing Woodstock, Football riots,


Eccentric tribes


  • San Bushmen – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
  • Wa Yao – Malawi
  • Mursi – Ethiopia Pop
  • Woodabes – Niger
  • Twa Pygmy – Congo
  • Himba- Namibia
  • Ndebele – South Africa
  • Pukot – Kenya
  • Masai – Kenya


Mursi 1

  • South Sudan Ethiopia Border
  • 7,000 of them
  • Most of them are farmers, and could not defend from selves from slave raiders, therefore they decided to cut their lips.
  • This tribe is world famous because of the cutting and stretching the lower lip originated as a deliberate disfigurement, designed to make women and girls less attractive to slave traders.
  • Has been take to symbolize African savagery

San People or Bushmen




Twa Pygmy

Twa Pygmy


  • 800,000 Masai in Kenya out of 43 million people
  • The Tanzanian and Kenyan governments have instituted programs to encourage the Maasai to abandon their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle, but the people have continued their age-old customs.
  • The Maasai people stood against slavery and lived alongside most wild animals with an aversion to eating game and birds. Maasai land now has
  • East Africa‘s finest game areas. Maasai society never condoned traffic of human beings, and outsiders looking for people to enslave avoided the Maasai.[23]
  • Though the Maasai people stood against slavery and the traffic of humans beings, they were able to conquer such large areas of land by displacing the people who had previously lived in the area.

As the first colonial governor of Kenya, Sir Charles Elliot, wrote:

  • “They [the Maasai] successfully asserted themselves against the slave traders, took tribute from all who passed through their country, and treated others, whether African or not, with arrogance.”



Woodabe people




Hidden Gems of Africa

South Africa

  • One of the most topographically diverse countries in the world – Mediterranean climate, desert, savannah, tropical rainforests, snowy mountains, plains, grasslands, beaches, pine forests, jungles, swamps
  • South Africa is one of the few countries in the world with every type of environment



Great Saint Lucia





  • Kruger National Park supports the greatest variety of wildlife species in the world.
  • Approximately 900 bird species are found in South Africa alone, which represents 10% of the worlds total bird species.
  • Three of the five fastest land animals live in South Africa – the cheetah (63 miles per hour), the wildebeest, and the lion.
  • World’s largest Natural Park





Kwazulu Natal



Karoo Desert

Snowy Mountains

  • Tiffindel Ski Resort is a popular Ski Resort in the Drakensberg Mountains


  • The Drakensberg Mountains are the highest mountains in South Africa
  • Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world – and the largest green one. The Grand Canyon in the U.S. is the biggest, and the Fish River Canyon in Namibia the second, but both are very dry.


Rolling Grassland

  • South Africa has very fertile land
  • It is the worlds second largest producer of fruit after China
  • South Africa is the world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts
  • South African grasslands have approximately 30 species per square kilometer, greater than the biodiversity of rainforests.
  • Orange Free State is South Africa’s farmbelt




  • Marion Island
  • Around 215,000 adult king penguins live on Marion Island – found between South Africa and Antarctica – plus elephant seals, albatrosses and armadas of passing whales.
  • Parts of Marion Island also have active Volcanoes



  • The world is divided into six floral kingdoms. All these kingdoms encompass several countries, and in some cases, several continents. South Africa, which has a floral kingdom wholly contained within the country, is the one exception. The Cape Floral Kingdom has 9,600 plant species, 70% of which are not found anywhere else in the world.
  • Table Mountain Cape Town alone has over 1,500 species of plants, more than the entire United Kingdom.
  • All this diversity and variety in an area about the size of the US State of Texas and California put together
  • There is nowhere on earth that has such geographical diversity in such proximity to each other


Cape Verde


  • Former Portuguese colony
  • Portuguese speaking Country
  • Politically, the country is a very stable democracy one of the most politically liberal nations on the continent, and in the world.
  • Mostly Creole (Mixed race) African Population 80%
  • The high degree of genetic and ethnic mixture of individuals is a result of centuries of migration. It is not unusual to encounter persons with dark skin and blond hair and blue eyes, and persons with light skin and black hair.
  • Cape Verde’s population is among the healthiest in Africa and the world, Cape Verde has the world’s second lowest AIDS rate at .04% (Second only to Afghanistan which is 0.01%)
  • Cape Verde has the second best educational system in Africa, after South Africa.
  • Very low crime and murder rate
  • Very beautiful country
  • The Capital is called Praia which means “beach”

in Portuguese

Famous Americans of Cape Verdean descent– Amber Rose and Lisa Lopes_”Left Eye”

Famous Americans of Cape Verdean descent– Amber Rose and Lisa Lopes_”Left Eye”

Pink Lake Senegal – Lake Retba





Underwater hotel

Zanzibar Underwater-Room-at-The-Manta-Resort_dezeen_7







Africa is changing

Africa is not rising it is changing



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