Why are some West African countries overspending on infrastructure

Santo Domingo Metro Cost  – $ 700 million

300px-Stodgo_metro.jpg (300×167)

Casablanca Tram- $ 745 million

pl043665.jpg (1768×1174)

Mumbai World One Tower 442 metres (1,450 ft)  Cost – $310 million

World_One_5.jpg (374×1132)\

Addis Ababa tram – $475 million

ra4.jpg (597×446)

Now Look at West Africa

Lagos Rail Project $2.4 billion

Total Nigerian Railways Project $ 12 billion

train-nigeria_340.jpg (337×260)

Hope City $10 billion

src.adapt.960.high.hopecity_041615.1429698562750.jpg (960×600)

Accra Financial Center 7 Floors – $56 million

African Cities that could make a metrorail or subway and badly need one

Usually it costs $500million-$1 billion to make one


Dar Es Salaam





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