Black Civil Rights and Nationalist groups of America

Civil Rights Organizations

  1. NAACP headquarters Baltimore

2. Black Lives Matter –


3. National Action Network headquarters – New York


4. Rainbow/PUSH headquarters – Chicago

5. National Urban League – New York City

6. Counter Racist Movement – Washington, D.C

7. Powernomics Movement – Washington, D.C


Black Nationalist Organizations

1. Nation of Islam headquarters Chicago


2. Black Panthers headquarters Oakland


3. Hebrew Israelites Headquarters New York and Philadelphia


4. Egyptologists headquarters New York


5. Moors


6. Five Percenters headquarters New York


7. Pan Africanists started in New York






White Soft Core Nationalist groups

  1. Republican Party

2. Tea Party


White Nationalist groups

1. Kkk

2. Neo Nazis

3. Aryan Nation

4. Creativity movement

5. Conservative Council of America


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