The most important types of advice

1. Education advice

30000 are average College loans

2. Job advice

What should be average minimum limit

37000 is 15% tax

Income will need to be 40000 to live a decent life

25%tax rate

3. Housing and transportation advice

175000 is average cost of a house

1200 is average monthly rent of 1 bedroom apartment

14400 is annual

12000 is average cost of car

4. Budgeting advice

12000 is poverty line in America

75000 is amount most people are satisfied with

5. Dating and marriage advice

2 years dating is ideal for marriage

20000 is minimum you should have before you get married

22000 is average cost of wedding

6. Child rearing advice

You should teach your kids 3 qualities in life.

  1. Hard work or having a skill that will make them money.
  2. Being assertive
  3. Being friendly

You should have $20,000-$30,000 saved for child’s University Degree.

7. Religious advice


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