Top Pseudo Liberal Cities

These are a list of cities that have been most successful at conning the rest of the world into believing they are liberal.


1. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv said to be the most liberal city in Israel and in the Middle East – as it is no-less liberal than Western Europe’s liberally-inclined major cities. It has a bustling civil society and is home to many activist movements and NGOs. Its residents tend to have liberal attitudes towards gay and lesbian rights, and, in fact, Tel Aviv hosts the largest gay pride parade in Israel (the only country in the Middle East where homosexuality is not considered illegal). It is also a destination for gay Palestinian refugees, unable to pursue their lifestyle in the Palestinian territories. With its liberalism comes a dose of sophistication and some will say detachment, and Tel Aviv is often dubbed “The Bubble” or “Medinat Tel Aviv” (“The State of Tel Aviv”) by residents and non-residents alike. Some ultra-Orthodox Israelis have even dubbed the city a modern day “Sodom and Gomorrah”, due to its hedonistic lifestyle.

Treatment of Africans

2. San Francisco

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands

San Francisco was the port of embarkation for service members shipping out to the Pacific Theater.[29] After the war, the confluence of returning servicemen, massive immigration, liberalizing attitudes, along with the rise of the “hippiecounterculture, the Sexual Revolution, the Peace Movement growing from opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War, and other factors led to the Summer of Love and the gay rights movement, cementing San Francisco as a center of liberal activism in the United States. Politically, the city votes strongly along liberal Democratic Party lines.The Left Coast tends to have a more youthful culture (marijuana, entertainment, etc), but it’s inconsistent and a little behind on urban infrastructure & education, has a lot of pro-gun rights folks, and just a little bit inland outside the beaches and cities it’s really redneck.

San Francisco’s African American population has declined in recent decades,[42] from 13.4% of the population in 1970 to 6.1%

3. Boston

Massachusetts is liberal the way Northern Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia) is liberal – it heavily values and leads in education, infrastructure, and progressive (as in constructive, not punitive) poverty & crime fighting strategies. But it’s also a lot of historical puritans and old money…. it’s tolerant of, but doesn’t exactly celebrate, perceived vices (alcohol, marijuana, gambling) and it hasn’t had a lot of ethnic diversity.

4. Austin


Austin has long been said to be a liberal island in the red sea of Texas, housing a liberal intelligentsia based around the University of Texas and the state capitol. It was influential far beyond its numbers, giving the conservative state such liberal luminaries as LBJ, Lloyd Bentsen and Ann Richards. Another Austin resident, Karl Rove, ended their hold on state government. Austin is is where Whole Foods first opened 30 years ago, and where the public television series “Austin City Limits” came to be a national institution.

A 2014 University of Texas study stated that Austin was the only U.S. city with a fast growth rate that was losing African-Americans

5. Portland

The city is also known for its abundant outdoor activities, liberal political values, and coffee and beer

enthusiasm. Portland is home to the most total breweries and independent microbreweries of any city in the world,[16][17][18][19][20] with 58 active breweries within city limits,[21] as well as 600+ food carts and food trucks[22] which contribute to the unofficial slogan “Keep Portland Weird“.[23]  According to the Public Religion Research Institute, Portland’s metropolitan area has the  highest percentage of religiously unaffiliated individuals in the nation, at 42%

Portland’s population has been and remains predominantly white. In 1940, whites were over 98% of the city’s population.[75] In 2009, Portland had the fifth-highest percentage of white residents among the 40 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. A 2007 survey of the 40 largest cities in the U.S. concluded that Portland’s urban core has the highest percentage of white residents.[76] Some scholars have noted the Pacific Northwest as a whole is “one of the last Caucasian bastions of the United States”.[77] While Portland’s diversity was historically comparable to metro Seattle and Salt Lake City, those areas grew more diverse in the late 1990s and 2000s. Portland not only remains white, but migration to Portland is disproportionately white, at least partly because Portland is attractive to young college-educated Americans, a group which is overwhelmingly white.[76][78]

The Oregon Territory banned African American settlement in 1849. In the 19th century, certain laws allowed the immigration of Chinese laborers but prohibited them from owning property or bringing their families.[76][79][80] The early 1920s saw the rapid growth of the Ku Klux Klan, which became very influential in Oregon politics, culminating in the election of Walter M. Pierce as governor.[79][80][81]

The largest influxes of minority populations occurred during World War II, as the African American population grew by a factor of 10 for wartime work.[76] After World War II, the Vanport flood in 1948 displaced many African Americans. As they resettled, redlining directed the displaced workers from the wartime settlement to neighboring Albina.[77][80][82] There and elsewhere in Portland, they experienced police hostility, lack of employment, and mortgage discrimination, leading to half the black population leaving after the war.[76] Widespread housing discrimination continues to affect the racial landscape today.[citation needed]

In the 1980s and 1990s, radical skinhead groups flourished in Portland.[80] In 1988, Mulugeta Seraw, an Ethiopian immigrant, was killed by three skinheads. The response to his murder involved a community-driven series of rallies, campaigns, nonprofits and events designed to address Portland’s racial history, leading to a city considered significantly more tolerant than in 1988 at Seraw’s death.[83]

During redevelopment of north Portland along the MAX Yellow Line, displacement of minorities occurred at a drastic rate. Out of 29 census tracts in north and northeast Portland, ten were majority nonwhite in 2000. By 2010, none of these tracts were majority nonwhite as gentrification drove the cost of living up.[84] Today, Portland’s African-American community is concentrated in the north and northeast section of the city, mainly in the King neighborhood.

6. Seattle

Seattle has a noteworthy musical history. From 1918 to 1951, there were nearly two dozen jazz nightclubs along Jackson Street, from the current Chinatown/International District, to the Central District. The jazz scene developed the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernestine Anderson and others. Seattle is also the birthplace of rock musician Jimi Hendrix and the alternative rock style grunge.[11]

7. Madison

The University of WisconsinMadison is widely considered to be one of the most liberal public research universities in the nation

8. Los Angeles7342

9. Twin Cities, Minnesota



10. Barcelona, Spain



Top 10 Truly Liberal Cities

  1. London
  2. Washington, D.C
  3. Atlanta
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Raleigh-Durham
  6. Houston
  7. Toronto

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