Black Dispriviledge

Many people always talk about White Privilege, but very few people even talk about Black Dispriviledge.



Black disprivilege. Why being Black sucks. Unpacking the invisible empty crap sack

This is based off what some Black writer wrote.

What I hate about being Black


50 reasons Why I hate being Black

1. Razor bumps

2. Have problems with taking pictures because of extremely dark skin.

3. Reading about racism in some country you previously liked

4. There is no benefit to being a Black person in a majority Black country or society

5. Driving While Black

6. Shopping While Black

7. People thinking your poor

8. People thinking your dumb

9. People thinking your dangerous

10. Difficult hair

11. Having to work 2 to 3 times harder for the same thing

12. So much discrimination when it comes to getting a job

13. Housing discrimination

14. Reading about your sad history

15. People covering up positive aspects of your history

16. Being insulted

17. Cultural appropriation

18. Non representation

19. Negative images

20. Richest people are foreigners

21. Being victim of hate groups

22. No one cares about you

23. Police brutality

24. Aids

25. No support even in your own community

26. Difficulty in getting a loan

27. Nigger rigged

28. Discrimination in clubs or bars

29. Most Black countries are shitholes

30. Unfair sentencing

31. Discrimination in fashion industry

32. Dependant on other people

33. Some teachers trying to fail you in class

34. Not getting compensated for all the bad things that happened to you

35. People dont like to be around you in large numbers

36. Many other groups of people warn against dating you

37. Dealing with other Black people who dont want to be Black

38. Slave mentality

39. Crab in a barrel mentality

40. Wasted potential

41. We are the only people that work against our self interest

42. Stereotype threat

43. Tallest skyscraper is short

44. Conflicts with other groups. And people constantly messing with you

45. Watching cowardice in your community.

46. So many of your people are ignorant or cowardly.

Sad Depressing facts about Africa

1. Singapore has more millionaires
2. 40 percent of Africans cant read
3. 57 percent have no electricity
4. Poorest continent
5. Germany has bigger economy

Africa is the world’s hottest continent, and the world’s second driest continent.[21]

Where Africa ranks in Total World gdp

Asia 27 trillion
North America 21 trillion
Europe 19 trillion
South America 4 trillion
Africa 3 trillion
Oceania 1.5 trilliin


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