Xenofoolishness: Why Afroxenophobia in South Africa is so stupid and what other Africans can learn from it

Xenophobia An unreasonable fear or hatred offoreigners or strangers or of that which isforeign or strange. Afrophobia Fearhate, or dislike of Black Africans and Black African descendant. Many people are debating whether to call the events of what is happening xenophobia or Afrophobia . However I decide to call it Afroxenophobia because it is both. It would not make sense to call it xenophobia because they are simply not attacking all foreigners, and it would not make sense to call it simply Afrophobia due to the fact they are themselves African.So it would make more sense to call it Afroxenophobia which is hatred or dislike of African foreigners. It is sad to note that the country with the highest dislike for African foreigners is in Black Africa itself. The violent incidences of Afroxenophobia far precedes anything that is happening in Russia, The Middle East, Israel,India, China, or elsewhere Here is why Afroxenophobia in South Africa is so stupid

1. They helped you during apartheid. The United States Uk France Switzerland did not initially go against apartheid In fact they labelled Mandela as a terrorist. It was other African countries that supported your leaders in exile and gave them money and support. Nigeria alone spent 61 billion dollars to fight apartheid.In Nigeria civil servants had to voluntarily donate 25% of their salaries to SA Relief Fund for

2. They are helping your economy. 50 percent of all employees in these African owned businesses are local South Africans.

3. Why cant you fight against the small minority who own 70 percent of the land

4. Digging a hole for yourself by cutting yourself from Africa and will result in less support in the future

5. Outside of Africa you are just seen as African and subject to racism as any other Africans

6. Immigrants make up only 10 percent nothing alarming

7. A place for wealthy African elites to travel. The tourism industry is going to be badly hit.

8. Would anyone hire violent hateful murderers

What others Africans can learn from this

1. People will pick on the weak regardless of what color they are whether in Greece India or South Africa. There is a reason that they are not attacking Whites regardless of nationality. Because Whites are strong and Africans are weak people. It is important as Africans to train ourselves to be strong minded and strong willed otherwise we will continue to be the objects of peoples misdirected anger 2. Hire more locals if they dont turn out to be good employees fire them until you find one who is. So called civil South Africans 1. It is not enough to simply say we are all not like that. 2. Attacking or blaming other Africans is not going to solve your problems. SA is a land of hate and the most unequal society in the world 1. Whites vs Blacks 2. Afrikaaners vs British 3. Zulus vs different tribes 4. Whites vs Nonwhites 5. Indians vs Blacks 6.Coloureds vs Blacks 7. South Africans vs foreigners What other African countries must do 1. Boycott all South African businesses and companies So dont shop at shoprite picknpay or eat at Nandos. As punishment not only for the murderers looters and attackers but South African society for not successfully educating its people in regards to this matter. http://mobile.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=355005 http://www.cknnigeria.com/2015/04/xenophobic-attacksnigerians-scchedule.html?m=1 http://www.lusakatimes.com/2015/04/17/qfm-radio-station-stops-playing-south-african-music-in-response-to-xenophobia-attacks/ http://www.nyasatimes.com/2015/04/15/malawi-to-boycott-south-africa-goods-after-xenophobia-attacks/ http://allafrica.com/stories/201504150234.html http://m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/South-Africans-chased-out-of-Mozambique-20150417 http://www.citypress.co.za/opinion/lessons-for-south-africa-how-zambia-prevented-xenophobia/ 2.Procecute Zwelithini for incitement to genocide or have him make an apology

3. An aggressive anti Afroxenophobia campaign


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