Countries with the most skyscrapers over 1,000 feet

1. China 23 buildings

26 under construction

Tallest Shanghai Tower  2,073 2nd tallest and Worth $2.4 billion

Shanghai tower dec 26, 2014.jpg

2. UAE

21 bulidings

6 Under Construction

Tallest Burj Khalifa   $1.5 billion

Burj Khalifa.jpg

3. United States 17 buildings


9 under construction

Freedom Tower $3.9 billion


4. Malaysia

3 buildings


Petronas Towers  1,483ft  $1.6 billion

Petronas Twin Towers 2010 April.jpg

5. Russia

3 buildings

Tallest Ostankino Tower 1,772 Cost $65 million

Останкинская телебашня править.jpg


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