Beauty is Power – It 90 days to get a great muscular body

It takes 21-66 days for habits to form before4_med1a




22-23 bmi with 8% bodyfat is the goal it is the ideal body

Perfect Chest 1. Push ups 50 2. Bench press 50 MR+TANZANIA.+he+has+got+one+of+teh+best+bodies+in+the+world.+He+is+looking+forwa

Perfect arms 1. Curls 100 start 2. Barbell Curls 25 3. Pull ups 10 start 4. Standing bicep curl 25 Perfect legs 1. Barbell Squats 50 2. Leg press 50 3. Lying leg curls 50 000tejuandwifelindaikejiblog1

Workout 3 days a week

If you maintain this schedule for a year you can look like



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