Most bravest perseverant strong willed ethnic groups

1. Afrikaners and White South Africans form a small minority but came to control dominate and control the country cause the majority to fear them


2. Israelis

A nation of 6 million defeated 300 million Arab Muslims in 6 days


3. Anglo Saxons

Conquered 25% of worlds population, and made the people they conquered help them.

4. Japanese

Never been colonized beat Russia and China conquered most of East and Southeast Asia

5. Vietnamese defended itself from so many nations around it like China France USA and helped get rid of Cambodias Khmer Rouge. Vietnamese were also very loyal


6. Gurkhas –

Never been colonized. Fought off the British

7. Afghanis

Fought off the British, Russians, and Americans.

8. Ethiopians

Defended themselves against the Egyptians Persians Somalians Arabs and Italians


Can Black Americans be included in this list?

Black Americans Came from an enslaved disenfranchised minority that helped bring about change against a system that had done everything to destroy them


Least strong willed

  1. Senegalese
  2. Congolese
  3. Nigerian
  4. Togolese
  5. Black Brazilians
  6. Southern Sudanese
  7. Zambians
  8. Angolans

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