5 Ethnicities with legendery business acumen

1. Anglo Saxons Business Empire US Canada Australia South Africa New Zealand

Why are they so heavily involved in business?

2. Jews

Business Empire Russia parts of the US

Why are they so heavily involved in business?

Because of constant persecution and were historically limited to usury work

3. Chinese

Business empire Southeast Asia

Came there as merchants also because of famine in China

4. Lebanese

Business Empire Parts of West Africa and some Latin American countries

Have long legacy of trade that goes back to Ancient days of Phoenicia. In West Africa 2 waves. First in 19th Century where Lebanese fleeing the Silk Worm Crisis on route to South America stopped in West Africa no one knows why they got off. 2nd wave was fleeing Lebanese Civil War.

Trade networks and international contacts

5. Indians

Business Empire parts of East Africa and Fiji


India has a caste system that divides professions based on caste. Most of the wealthy people are from the merchant class. In East AfricaA combination of famines in India and plentiful opportunities for work in Africa prompted thousands of Indians to immigrate to east, central, and southern Africa before the end of the nineteenth century. It was the British colonial interests that provided the opportunities for Indian immigration, particularly the building of the Uganda Railway. Local African labor was considered unreliable, so the British government brought in about 32,000 indentured laborers from India. The majority either died from diseases such as blackwater fever or returned to India, but 7,000 settled in East Africa. During the construction of the railway, some Indians began to come in as merchants and to establish dukas (shops), which initially catered to fellow Indians. Most are Gujaratis and Punjabis


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