Life Lessons

Things you notice about being a human being on planet earth.

  • Money is the most important thing in life, if it doesn’t make money, don’t bother with it

  • Make decisions effectively
  • Understand who your friends and Enemies
  • Understand who is helping you and hurting you, how do you know, by the results
  • There is a big difference between what we think and what is reality
  • Never lie to yourself, and fix your mistakes
  • Do things ahead of time and plan. That is the key to success
  • Most people are full of shit. They only care about themselves.

  • The rich do a lot of stuff and make a lot of rules designed  to keep poor people from making money. Why? So they can have a desperate class of people willing to do anything for them.  So beware
  • The only reason you are afraid of rejection is because you have an inflated ego
  • Being soft gets you nothing in life.
  • Learning to deal with reality is one of the major keys to improving and being successful
  • You are what you are, you are not what you could have been, or present yourself to be to the world.
  • Never share a joint account with anybody under any circumstances
  • Potential without drive means nothing, so don’t talk about potential like it means something.
  • Don’t really pay attention to advice from someone who is not where you want to be.

Three Most important things in life

Job- Source of Income

House  – Housing

Transportation – Car


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