How to deal with or overcome daily racists

1. If you feel that you treated bad or differently because of your color. It is important to let that person know and not just keep it to yourself.

2. Tit for tat racism. If someone is saying or doing something racist to you, sometimes it is good to do it back to make that person understand.

3. Three most offensive things to call a Black person

How to deal with name calling or insults

a. Nigger, Black devil (What is a Nigger and why are you calling me that?)

b. Monkey (What do you mean when you say I am a monkey)

c. Calling a New World Black person an African

4. Racist professor or teacher who tries to fail you. You might be only Black person in the class.

Send them a warning letter – I’m very aware, I am the only Black person in this class….

4. Being talked about in a different language they assume you don’t understand.

5. Putting racial disclaimers in jobs that ask for your picture such as

6. Never give racists a legitimate excuse to mistreat you


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