1. How to find a job 2. Get a job 3. And do well at it

1. How to look for a job – Find your fit Entry level or Mid-level If you got your bachelors from an elite school you might have to send out 8 applications to get a response If you didn’t you might have to send out at least 20 – Be very concise about your skills. CV should not be longer than 3 pages – Cover letter should be like a summary of your skills you are going to go over in your interview

Best websites for jobs are

1. Indeed.com

2. Or apply directly through the companys website


2. How to do well on a job interview and get the job – Dress nice, beauty is power – Research the company Be prepared for the most common questions – Ask yourself what the company wants and needs a. Why do you want  this job? b. Why should we hire you? c. Tell us a little bit about yourself? d. What is your greatest strength? Flexibility. d. What is your greatest weakness? Don’t like asking for help e. How long do you want to work for this company? Maybe about 2 years it depends how things go. Why was there a gap in your employment between ?  (Note not having worked for more than 6 months is a red flag for most employers—— Tell me how you handled a difficult situation. How would you deal with an angry or irate customer? What questions do you have for me? Questions you can ask a. What is the culture of the company


Things that impress the interviewer 1. Your research about the company 2. Bringing new ideas 3. Good follow up questions like 4. Negotiating Salary – Give set price 1. Based on things you could do for this company. Talk about money, when they offer you the job – Best skill, flexibility – Any questions Say if you are a teacher, you might have to give a demonstration of how you would teach the class.


Prepare visible things – For example if your were applying for a job as a teacher it would be good to have a portfolio of your whole lesson plan for the year, talk about your favorite lesson plans. This puts less doubt in their minds because they know exactly what they can expect.


1. What kind of qualities do you need to succeed in this job?

2. (This is to sniff out racial discrimination) and all these qualities are based on merit. Right?

3. How to be a good worker – Come on time everyday – Dress Nice everyday – Have a relationship with the boss, he or  is the most important person and don’t you forget it. – Be type of person the boss can go to in time of trouble.

Stop thinking about your old job and adapt to your new job

What to do when asked for a picture to see your race.

If you are asking for my picture for the purpose of practicing racial discrimination so be it. But here is my skills and my skills




4. How long should you work at your job. Anyjob you’ve had for less than 8 months is a red flag. Don’t even put you’ve worked less than 8 months on your resume. Ideal job span is  a minmum of 18 months or

Ideally, you should try to make a job span, at the minimum, 15 months spanning three calendar years (e.g. October 2014 — January 2016) or 18 months spanning two. All else being equal, two years is better than 18 months, and three years is better than two, and four is better than three. The advantage gained each month isn’t enough to merit passing up obviously superior opportunities, but it does mean that you’re best off to avoid movements that don’t have an obvious benefit






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