10 Largest Black Owned Businesses in America

  1. World Wide Technology Inc.   Maryland Heights, Missouri   Revenue- $ 10.4 billion  in annual revenue   IT products/services   CEO- David L Steward  (4,000 Employees)

2. ACT-1 Group      Torrance, CA         $2.4 billion            Staffing services   CEO – Janice Bryant Howroyd   (2,600 Employees)


3. Bridgewater Interiors L.L.C.  Detroit, MI   Automotive parts  2.2 billion   Ronald E. Hall Sr.  (2,000 Employees)

4. Modular Assembly Innovations L.L.C.   Dublin, OH (Near Columbus, Ohio)  Automotive parts  $1.3 billion   (320 Employees)


5. Piston Automotive L.L.C.     Redford, MI  (Near Detroit)         Automotive parts     $930 million  (563 Employees)

CEO – Vincent Johnson


6. Manna Inc. Louisville, KY    Quick service restaurants      $814 million

CEO – Ulysses Bridgeman Jr.  (18,000 Employees)

7. The Anderson-DuBose Co.  Lordstown, OH Food and paper product distribution  $648 million  (501 Employees)

CEO – Warren E. Anderson

8. Global Automotive Alliance L.L.C. Detroit, MI Automotive parts   $ 560 million

CEO – William F. Pickard



9. Thompson Hospitality Corp. Reston, VA  Food and facilities management, quick service restaurants  $500 million

CEO – Warren M. Thompson


10.  Radio One Inc  Silver Spring, MD     Multimedia             $441 million

CEO  – Catherine L. Hughes/Alfred C.  Leggings III




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