Mantras Black Americans must reject if they do not want to end up like the Gypsies of Europe, Untouchables or the Moriori

1. I don’t see color

Well Color sees you

2. People of Color, Minorities, Black and Brown, Blablabla…

You are not the spokesperson for all nonwhites just say Black

3. Blacks are racists,

It is impossible for Blacks to be racist, and if you think they are you need to do a little bit more reading or travelling.

4. Get over slavery, Or we need to move on

Every major group of people that have been victims of extreme suffering and brutalization have been compensated with a few exceptions, except Black people.

If Black people can’t get anything for all the things that were taken from them, we should at least get money back for paying other people’s reparations like the Jews, Japanese Americans, and Native Americans, what did we have to do with that.

5. Bragging about how different Black people are from each other

We are not that different

6. Tolerating everything – From Blacks and Nonblacks- Including Drug dealers, actors who help to spread negative images about Black people, Corrupt people who steal from Blacks, Blacks who have the power and the resources to help Black people, but never do, Low cultural self esteem, people who publicly put down Blacks to gain approval, these people should all be pariahs in the community. And tolerating disrespect and mistreatment from NonBlacks, and never standing up for yourselves.  

7. White man’s ice is colder concept –

The Bible says you should worship only God, and you will find out the hard way.

8. Not protecting your image

9. Not Supporting BOBs and striving for a large recipittancy of Black Money, while supporting outsiders who would never support you.

10. Staying around with Antiracism groups that are not results oriented.

11. Thinking that only White people are racist and using words like people of color or minority while not understanding the concept of Recycled racism. Most people only care about racism and injustice when it happens to their own people and will even engage in behaviour that is racist.

12. You have to work twice to as hard for half the credit. 

Why is being Black, some crime you must overcompensate for? You work hard because you value the opportunity you have and want to be the best.


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