The First Slaves and the 34 acts of evil and wickedness

By the midst of the 15th century, a crew of portuguese sailors looking for African people to capture and sell back in Portugal, landed somewhere near the coast of Guinea. They spotted a woman, probably 30 years old, with a baby, a boy of two years old, and a young girl fourteen years old.

Tree men of the crew jumped off the ship, and seized the woman. She was strong and resisted with vigor the assailants. Regardless of their male force, the tree men were unable to bring the woman aboard the ship.

A crew member witnessing the pitiful scene, got the idea to take the woman’s two years old baby instead, and the mother maternal instinct would naturally lead her to the ship.

What he did.
The mother cried loud, but have to follow her baby to the ship.

No one ever heard again about the woman, the baby boy, and the fourteen years old girl. They have vanished, for ever, into the tumultuous centuries of history which would follow.


  1. Kidnapping of children,
  2. Instigated Wars between Different African groups
  3. put on cramped, crowded slave ships where they travelled for weeks, no where to go to the bathroom. Some dead lying next to you.beat resulted in the death of 5 million people
  4. sell at auction, split families apart,
  5. raped males and females
  6. tortured
  7. overworked made to do everything,
  8. lynched us weren’t allowed to read,
  9. fed bad food

for 400 years

Jim Crow Era of Deliberate Disenfranchisement

  1. black codes,
  2. sharecropping,
  3. KKK- violent racial murders, lynchings, burnings,
  4. Paramour rights
  5. race riots against, random attacks,
  6. fed to crocodiles, Unfair daily laws,
  7. unfair laws in court, racial insults,
  8. blackface and minstrel shows,
  9. separate but not equal facilities,
  10. redlining houses,
  11. schools
  12. hospitals
  13. restaurants, parks, hotels, etc.
  14. Stealing of songs and ideas,
  15. Infect with syphilis,
  16. fought in war  received no benefits,
  17. Destroyed their Businesses

Post Civil Rights Era

  1. underpaid in work,
  2. Environmental racism
  3. Had drugs flooded into their communities
  4. police brutality,
  5. unfair jail sentences,
  6. sundown towns,
  7. neoslavery in prison system.
  8. Distortionist media misrepresentation
  9. Failed in classes sometimes
  10. Alleged virus

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