Biggest Uncle Toms (Coons) in America

What is a Coon – A Black person who acts dumber than they are, or supposed to be.



  • Severity of AntiBlack rhetoric and behaviour and putting down Black people simply for the sake of putting down
  • Loyalty to racists
  • Why personal gain


Sambo Coon

1. Works against self interests

2. Self hating

3. Selective courage

4. Ignorant stupid and irrational

5. Small minded

6. Cowardly towards racism

  1. James Manning married to Black woman Harlem, New York( However, no unemployed member in church, breakfast program) doesn’t like stop and frisk


Offences Against Black Society- Doesn’t really preach biblical message focuses mostly on political and social stuff.

Condones Trayvon Martin’s killing, Calls Black people Hamites, Hates Django, Says slavery was Biblical


2. Jesse Lee Patterson not married Los Angeles


3. Clarence Thomas married to white woman Washington, DC

net worth $1.8 million

4. Tommy Sotomayor in relationship with White Woman   Atlanta  Los Angeles

Net Worth $1.8 million

Offenses- Hates Black women, Promotes Gender Warring,

5. Stacey Dash – Been married to 4 White men – Los Angeles

Net worth $8 million


6. Allen West married to Black woman Florida

Net Worth $176,000

7. Larry Elder not married Los Angeles

8. Ward Connerly married to White woman California

9. Shelby Steele married to white woman Chicago

10. Armstrong Williams not married South Carolina Washington, DC

Net Worth $ 50 million


11. Alan Keyes married to Indian woman Chicago


12. Condoleeza Rice not married California

Net Worth $4 million

13. Lee Daniels married to a white man Los Angeles

Net Worth $ 5 million

14. Jason Riley married to White Woman


Other Coons

  1. OJ Simpson

  1. ASAP Rocky

2. Charles Barkley

3. Steven A Smith

4. David Clarke

4. Raven Symone

5. Jason Riley


Auditioners for Fox News

Peggy Hubbard

Terrence Williams




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