Don’t come to China if you are these types of people and why learning Chinese might be a vicious waste of your time

China is a very rough place. and if you don’t take the precautions you can really be swept away.

1) Don’t come if you are not ready to cover your ass – Pickpocketing and cheating are very common.  The Chinese have a saying that fool and his money are easily parted. 笨蛋難聚財 Bèndàn nán jù cái
2) Don’t come if you have chronic illnesses or lung problems – Air pollution is a serious problem
3) Don’t come if you get your feelings hurt easily. Rarely compliment people
4) Don’t come if you don’t like attention.- Not used to seeing Non Asians especially Blacks
5) Don’t come if you cannot be without the modern comforts of home
6) Don’t come if you if your goal is to spread a certain religion.
7) Don’t come if you are not willing to negotiate on just about everything.


Why learning Chinese is a vicious waste of time.

  1. Very difficult you’re much better off learning else like coding computers, or some other skill that is guaranteed to make you more money.
  2. Rude and unfriendly
  3. Abysmally racist towards other Non Asian Nonwhites
  4. If you are non Asian it would be hard to compete
  5. China doesn’t want you.
  6. They will speak English with you

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