Why Ghana Sucks?

This is what someone wrote on a Ghanaian website about Ghana? Do you agree

Why Ghana sucks

1. Ugly scenery. Brown beaches. Ugly cities low rise skyline. Most people are not attractive

2. Corruption

3. Dirty

4. People are generally dishonest.

5. Infrastructure sucks

6. Dumsor. Power outages

7. Most people are not driven. Have very low self esteem And have a very negative outlook on life.

8. The government and leadership dont really do much to support the people

9. There is no real benefit to being a Ghanaian in Ghana. Ghanaians like other Africans will fight other Africans and be jealous of their success. But a NonBlack  can from a country that is even racist and mistreats Blacks will be left alone

10. Ghanaians are cowards.

11. Ghana is slipping behind other African countries


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