Worlds tallest buildings by Continent

  1. Asia – Dubai Burj Khalifa  Height 829.8 m (2,722 ft) Cost $1.5 billion Construction Time 5 years

Burj_Khalifa.jpg (3279×5740)

2. North America – New York City Freedom Tower 1,792 ft (546.2 m )Cost $4 billion Construction Time 8 years

OneWorldTradeCenter.jpg (788×1187)

3. Europe-Moscow  Federation Tower 1,227 ft    US$ 1.2 billion

Federation Tower 2016.jpg

4. Oceania Gold Coast 322.5 m (1,058 ft) $255 million Construction Time 3 years

5. South America

Santiago Gran Torre 300 m (984 ft) US$1 billion Construction Time 6 years

Costanera_Center_Sep._13.jpg (2033×1931)

6. Africa

Carlton Centre 223 metres (730 ft)  Cost $8 million   Construction Time 2 years

Africa’s hope

Al Noor Tower Casablanca, Morocco 1,771 Will be 5th tallest building if completed (Cost $1.23 billion) (Would put Africa at 3rd after North America and

Elevation Tower Lagos, Nigeria

1240 feet



Iconic Tower Durban, South Africa   1,213 feet


Jabavu Hass Towers, Nairobi, Kenya 330 m 1082 feet   66 Floor ($500 million)


All Africa needs is probably a $ 1 billion dollar building that would be at least 1,000 feet tall or in the Top 10. To be put on the map.


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