25 Places to See in Ghana as a tourist for a month

Places to see in Ghana as a tourist

1. Airport Restaurant in Accra

2. Independence Square. Also known as Black Star Square for the large black star located atop Independence Arch. The square celebrates Ghanaian independence from the British in 1957 and features an eternal flame first lit by Nkrumah himself in 1961

3. Nkrumah Mausoleum

4. Buy Kente Cloth

5. See a fantasy coffin

6. Capital Buildings

7. Trendy Osu



8. Accra West Africa’s largest mall

Ride the Accra train

9. Labadi Beach

10. Ada, Ghana


11. Keta Beach

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200
VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

12. Bosua Beach

13. Bojo Beach


14. Cape Coast Elmina Slave Castle

File:Cape Coast castle.jpg

15.Aburi Botanical Gardens

16. Traditional Ashanti Architecture

17. Wii Falls


18. Kakum National Park

19. Asantehene’s Palace

20. Kumasi market the Worlds largest open air Market

21. Rattray Park,Kumasi

2015-06-20-12-19-22-10 IMG_2022

21.Nzulezo stilt village

22. Lake Volta The Worlds largest man made lake

5266065655_3b862cd460_b23. Shai HillsShai-Hills

24. Pagas domesticated crocodiles

25. Mole National Park



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