Asian Countries and their African Equivalents

China – Nigeria


1. Largest countries of their respective continents

2. Controversial countries

3. Widespread worldwide

4. Many Non Chinese Asians are mistaken for being Chinese many Non Nigerian Africans are mistaken for being Nigerian. Many Africans blame the negative perception — and the rotten treatment — of Africans abroad in on Nigerians, who make up 60 percent of all Africans abroad and therefore have an weighted influence on the African image. As the majority group, all the sins of the Nigerian communities fall on the entire African population. Asians get the same treatment when non-Asians, not knowing the difference between Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese or Singaporean, label everybody Chinese.

5. Both known for loving money

6. Both are hardworking and industrious

7. Known for being dishonest

8. High value on education and money

9. Both have exquisite cuisines

10. The Cantonese of Southeast China and Igbo of Southeast Nigeria are both known for their entrepreneurship. They are also both disproportianately represented in their respective Diasporas. The majority of overseas Chinese are Cantonese and it is said that 60 percent of Black Americans can trace their ancestry to the Igbo people

11. Both countries are home to about 300 languages or dialects

Japan and South Africa


1. Historically the first countries on their respective continents to modernize

2. Recently got replaced by the second largest countries on their continents to be the largest economies on their continent.

3. Both have a spirit of xenophobia towards the other countries on their respective continents.



South Korea – Ghana


Both are very stylish people who like to dress well

Gangnam style vs Azonto

Both are overshadowed by other African countries like South African and Nigeria

Usually seen as the gateway for their respective continents

Big church network

Hong Kong – Luanda

Very wealthy materialistic cities

Very expensive rent

Home to many expatriates

Lacks a soul

Thailand – Kenya

1. Major tourism destinations for their respective continents

2. Major center of prostitution though Thailand is much more worse and extreme

Malaysia Tanzania

1. Both Muslim majority countries that play as secondary tourist centers to their respective neighbors

Vietnam- Ethiopia


1. Very poor proud  but independent minded people who have fought off their enemies

Cambodia – Somalia


1. Both bellicose war torn country that doesn’t get along with itself or neighboring countries



1. Two sparsely populated countries

Singapore – Mauritius

1. Both are island multiracial free market economies that perform well in many social indicators

Indonesia – Musim French African countries


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