Africans who made it in Asia

1. Ladi Delano –  Stayed in China originally from Nigeria

Ladi Delano.png

Ladi Delano made his first millions as a liquor entrepreneur while living in China. In 2004, at age 22, he founded Solidarnosc Asia, a Chinese alcoholic beverage company that made Solid XS, a premium brand of vodka. Solid XS went on to achieve over 50% market share in China.

He sold the company for $15 million and invested his funds into his next venture-The Delano Reid Group, a real estate investment holding company focused on mainland China. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bakrie Delano Africa (BDA) – a $1 billion joint venture with the $15 billion (market cap) Bakrie Group of Indonesia. Bakrie Delano Africa is responsible for identifying investment opportunities in mining, agriculture and oil & gas and executing them.

Today, Delano is the co-founder and CEO of Bakrie Delano Africa (BDA) – a $1 billion joint venture with the Bakrie Groupof Indonesia. Bakrie Delano Africa stands as the Bakrie Groups’ investment partner in Nigeria.

So far, the Indonesian Conglomerate has provided over $900 million worth of funding for investment in Nigeria and Bakrie Delano Africa identifies opportunities for investment in mining, agriculture, oil & gas, and executes the investment processes.

He was on Forbes’ list of the youngest millionaires to watch in Africa in 2012 and is the youngest Nigerian billionaire.

2. Patrick Ngowi – Stayed in China originally from Tanzania


3. Mark Ndesandjo – Shenzhen, China originally from Kenya

Barack Obama’s half-brother, born c. 1965, son of Barack Obama, Sr. and his third wife Ruth Baker.[125]Mark Ndesandjo runs an Internet company called WorldNexus that advises Chinese corporations how best to reach international customers.[126] Mark was educated in the US, graduating from Brown University; he studied physics at Stanford University, and received an MBA degree from Emory University.[127]

He has lived in Shenzhen, China, since 2002.[127] Through his mother, he is Jewish.[128] He is married to Liu Xuehua (also spelled Liu Zue Hua in some reports), a Chinese woman from Henan Province.[129][130] He is an accomplished pianist and has performed in concert.[131]

In 2009, Mark Ndesandjo published a semi-autobiographical novel, Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East.[132][133] He published a memoir in 2013, entitled, Cultures: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery.[

4. Vimbayi Kajese – Beijing, China originally from Zimbabwe

She is a Zimbabwean journalist who first came to international attention as a news presenter forChina Central Television‘s CCTV-9 from 2009-1011.[1] She was the first African anchorwoman in the station’s history, and her success helped pave the way for the network’s expanded presence on the continent, and eventual launch of programs like Africa Live from its Nairobi Bureau which was established in 2012. Kajese first visited China in 2004, and decided to move to Beijing in 2006. She became one of CCTV-9’s early morning news presenters three years later.[2] She also went to North Park Primary School in Mt. Pleasant, Harare. She left CCTV in October 2011, and later began organizing conferences and events aimed at promoting international friendship between various African and Chinese communities, including entrepreneurs and students

5. Sam Okyere – Seoul, South Korea originally from Ghana

is a Ghanaian television personality active in South Korea and Ghana. He was accepted to the Korean Government Scholarship Program in 2009 and moved to Korea for his studies.[1] He is currently a cast member in the JTBC talk show Non-Summit.[2]


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