The Most Racist antiblack countries

Africans or Black people find themselves in the same situation all over the world. Everywhere we go (outside of Africa) the number of people who hate Black people exponentially exceeds the number of people who feel compassionate about Black people. All around the world, people hate black people just because they are black. Millions of black people have been killed and deported by European salve traders simply because they were black.

No human being could become a productive member of a community when his identity is constantly under threat. When anyone can bully him or her without any risk or a fear of retaliation. There is no shame to be a weak person, or a weak nation at a point in history. But being helpless and hopeless about getting any help from a compassionate stronger neighbor is what breaks people. And that’s what is breaking African’s people soul and Nations. Where ever we go, we only face hate from people we have never hurt, people we have never insulted, and people we keep providing cheap labor,raw materials, or tax money, business patronization for many of them to afford their lifestyle.

Here is the list

  1.  Russia and Ukraine Race-White, Religion-Communist, Language-Russian,  Black population-10,000 Various African countries  Mostly Students, 60%  said have been racially assaulted (Nature of Racism-Anyone not White) Moscow (Violence attempted murder, insults)   VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS ( Would not advise going)

2. North African countries, Race-Arabic Middle Eastern,Religion-Muslim,Language-Arabic – (Libya 3 million, Mauritania 600,000, Egypt 1 million, Morocco 20,000) various Sub Saharan African countries Mostly Migrants (Nature of Racism – Singled out) (Slavery, insulted, might have rocks thrown at you,violence,  refusal to be served at certain, business, discrimination in housing) VIOLENT DANGEROUS  (Would strongly advise against going)

3. Israel  Race-Jewish, Religion Mostly Jewish, Language-Hebrew – Black Population-Falashan Jews from Ethiopia, Refugees from Sudan and Eritrea. (Nature of Racism-Singled Out) MILDLY VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS (

4. India Race-South Asian, Religion-Mostly Hindu, Languages Hindi and various other Indian Languages – 50,000 Various African countries, Mostly students (Singled out) Discrimination in jobs, not given housing, poor sevice at restaurants) Delhi  (Nature of Racism-Singled Out)   MILDLY VIOLENT

5. Indonesia Race-Oriental Religion-Islam Language-Indonesian Black Population – Various African Countries (Ridiculed in the Language, Discrimination in Teaching Industry Whites Only, Discrimination in Establishments)

6. South Korea Race Oriental Religion Half Atheist/Half Christian Korean 5,000 Various African countries, a few Americans, Military Servicemen, Some teachers, migrants Discrimination in ESL Industry, Bad portrayal on television, not given directions  Seoul  (Nature of Racism-Partially Singled Out, Show Preference for Whites,Mistreat Blacks, South Asian, and Southeast Asians)

7. China Race Oriental Religion Communist Chinese – 400,000 Various African Countries (Discrimination in ESL Industry-Whites Only, not given directions, have people whisper to each other, talk about you in their language, might have people laugh at you) (Nature of Racism-Singled Out)  Beijing

8. Malaysia Race Oriental Religion Muslim Malay – 90,000 Various African countries mostly students (Nature of Racism-Singled Out)  Kuala Lumpur

9. Italy Race White Religion Catholic Italian – 600,000 Various African countries Mostly immigrants legal and illegal (Harassment by Police) Rome (Nature of Racism-Anyone Nonwhite is a target) PARTIALLY VIOLENT

10. Thailand Race Oriental Religion Buddhist Thai – 5,000 Various African Countries (Discrimination in ESL Industry) (Nature of Racism-Blacks and South Asians singled out)

11. Dominican Republic Race Mostly Black Religion Catholic Spanish ( Nature of Racism-Dark Skinned Blacks Singled Out)

11. Germany Race White Religion Mix of Catholic Protestant or Atheist German (Nature of Racism-Anyone Nonwhite)PARTIALLY VIOLENT

What can Blacks learn from this list

1. It is not only White people who are racist to Blacks

2. Kill Afroxenophilia

3. Do not seek their approval. Our goals as Black to get people to start liking us. So it says well hell, as long as I don’t like them I can retain power over them. Who is going to change that proposition. He never has to out think all he has to do is not like you and that alone will stop you. Your not working for capitalism you’re working for popularity, so that it won’t matter whether they hate you or not.


Speak up or spread the word.




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