National Rivalries


China-Japan Mildly Hateful

Korea vs Japan Mildly Hateful

India vs Pakistan Mildly hateful

Hong Kong – Singapore – Friendly

India vs China – Mild

Turkey vs Armenia – Hateful

Uzbekistan vs Turkimenistan – Hateful

UAE vs Qatar – Friendly


Australia vs New Zealand-Friendly


Nigeria vs South Africa-Mild

Ethiopia vs Somalia – Hateful

Nigeria vs Ghana – Friendly

Ethiopia vs Eritrea – Hateful

Kenya vs Tanzania – Mild

South America

Brazil vs Argentina – Mild


England vs France – Mild

France vs Germany – Mild

Germany vs Russia- Mild

Spain vs England – Mild

England vs Russia – Mild

England vs Ireland – Friendly

North America

United States vs Canada – Friendly

United States vs China – Mild

United States vs Russia – Mildly unfriendly

United States vs EU – Mild

Dominican Republic vs Haiti – Hateful

Jamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago – Mild

Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic – Mildy

Jamaica vs Puerto Rico – Mild

Mexico vs Puerto Rico – Mildly hateful


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