Most ghetto/redneck cities and states of America


Most ghetto cities in America

Stereotypes – Poor, lazy, uneducated, criminal violent usually gang violence, promiscuous, live off welfare, sell drugs, have children out of wedlock, single parent homes, most go to prison

These are the cities where you are most likely to find people that live up to these stereotypes

Most ghetto big cities

1. Detroit, Michigan – Most dangerous city, most poorest city, the most miserable city in America, worst performning public school system, highest unemployment 1/3 are on unemployment or welfare, highest illiteracy, fattest city, most potholes,first large city to go bankrupt, highest rate of foreclosures,(Drug sales exceeded Chrysler) highest unsolved murders, fewest cops per citizen (People from Detroit-Eminem, Royce da 59) most dangerous neihgborhood Northeast Detroit

2. Baltimore, Maryland – 1st in Drug use, heroin capital of America, 3rd highest AIDs rate (Media depiction – The Wire) Most dangerous neighborhood Ellwood Park Southeast

3. New Orleans, Louisiana – Highest murder rate, highest poverty rate, (Master P, Lil Wayne, Juvenile) (Birthplace of twerking) Most dangerous Neighborhood Central City, Its average annual per-capita homicide rate (59 per 100,000) ranks highest of large cities in the country from 1990–2010 based on Bureau Of Justice Statistics from FBI Uniform Crime Reports. In 1994, 421 people were killed (85.8 per 100,000 people), a homicide rate which has not been matched by any major city to date (Home of Lil Wayne, Birdman, Master P, Juvenile, Frank Ocean)

4. Saint Louis, Missouri- (Hometown of Nelly)

5. Memphis, Tennessee- High crime rate ( Nicest rims, Memphis buckin, stuntin)) ( Home of the Three Six Mafia)

its ranks second highest among U.S. cities when it comes to violent crime, gang activity, widespread poverty, and corruption by city officials

6. Oakland, California-Number one in robberies ( Home of E-40)

Even though this city enjoys Mediterranean climes with an average of 260 sunny days per year and stunning vistas of San Francisco Bay, on the flipside it suffers from horrible traffic congestion, poor air (the pollution index is 190-percent worse than the national average), and escalating crime, making it one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. The national crime rate in Oakland is a whopping 469-percent higher than the U.S. national average with gun-related crime at the top of the list.


7. Newark,New Jersey   (Home of Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Rah Digga)


8. Cleveland, Ohio- (Home of Bone Thugs in Harmony)

This city was ranked by Forbes as one of the most miserable cities in the U.S., earning it the name “Mistake by the Lake”. It’s true that Cleveland is plagued by high crime, brutally frigid and unpredictable winters, and a mass exodus of residents that has equaled 71,000 migrating out of the city over the past 5 years.

9. Baton Rouge

10. Los Angeles



Most dangerous in America/ Murder Rate per 100,000

  1. East Saint Louis, Illinois 119 (5th) in world
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana 57
  3. Camden, New Jersey 52
  4. Detroit, Michigan 48 (Most dangerous overall)
  5. Gary, Indiana 45

Chicago is considered murder capital by quantity – Most dangerous neighborhood is

– West Side like Austin 200 murders, Southside – Englewood 300, Humboldt Westside Park 152

Former Murder Capital that have changed – D.C 90-95 , Miami 1980-90

Detroit is currently the Murder Capital of America

Most ghetto small cities Under 150,000

1. East Saint Louis (Saint Louis Metro)

2. Camden (Philadelphia Metro)

3. Flint Only 6 police in the whole city

4. Compton (Los Angeles Metro)

5. Gary, Indiana (Chicago Metro)

6. Benton Harbor

7. Vallejo/Richmond (Bay Area Metro)

8. Saginaw

9. Pine Bluff

10. Muskegon

Most redneck,hillbilly areas in America

Stereotypes – Dumb, poor, uneducated don’t value or see the need for education, inbred, Moonshining, violently racist, conservative, bible thumping, not well travelled, live in trailer parks, deal with Crystal Meth. Family fueds

These are the cities where you are most likely to find people that live up to these stereotypes

  1. West Virginia
  1. Kentucky
  1. Idaho
  1. East Tennessee
  2. Northern Mississippi
  3. Alabama
  4. Indiana (Especially Southern Indiana)
  5. South Carolina
  6. Northern Louisiana
  7. Oklahoma

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