25 Most multicultural cities of the world

The Most Multicultural Cities

  1. London, United Kingdom 8.2 million – 1. Whites, local and European migrant, expat, (Irish, German, Greek, Eastern European) 2. Blacks from Caribbean and Africa ( Jamaicans, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans, Somalians , 4. South Asians ( Indian,  Pakistani and Bengali), 5. Orientals (Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese) , 6. Middle Easterners (Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, Gulf Arabs), 7. Latin Americans (Peruvian, Chilean)- 8. Pacific Islander (Fijians)  (Native Americans) -Notes More than 300 languages spoken in the city, people mix and lots of interracial marriage. People mix No race makes up majority Official language – English

2. New York City, USA 9.5 million- 1. Whites local and ethnic (Russian, Polish, Jewish , Greek, Hungarian, ) 2. Blacks local non immigrant, Caribbean and African ( Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian Guyanese Ghanaian, Nigeria,Senegalese, Malian, 3.Latin Americans (Puerto Rican, Dominican, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Colombian,Cuban) Central American and South American, 4. Orientals (East Asians like Chinese, Korean,  South East Asians like Filipino), 5. South Asians ( Indian, Pakistani, Bengali), 6. Middle Easterners (Syrian, Lebanese, Yemeni, Uzbek, Turkish), 7. Native Americans, 800 languages spoken. Fairly Segregated neighborhoods (Missing Pacific Islanders) No race makes up majority  Official Language – English


3. Toronto, Canada 2.7 million –  1. Whites local and European ethnic, 2. Orientals All East Asian groups and Southeast Asian groups, 3. South Asians, 4. Blacks from Carribean and Africa, 5. Middle Easterners, 6. Native Americans  (Missing Pacific Islanders) – Notes – 49% were foreign born People somewhat mix  No race makes up majority Official Language – English

4. Dubai, UAE 2.3 million – 1. South Asians ( Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Bengali, Sri Lankan), 2. Middle Easterner ( Local Gulf Arabs,Egyptian, Syrian,Iraqi, Iranians, Afghanis, Moroccans, Lebanese, Yemeni,)  3. Orientals ( Filipinos, Chinese, Kazakhs)  4. Whites from Europe ( UK, Russia, Poland, UK and America, Blacks Mostly African (Ethiopian, Nigerian, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan) , 5. Pacific Islanders (Fijian, Samoan) Missing Native Americans Notes – 83% are foreigners  People generally Mix No race makes up the majority

Official language – Arabic (Lingua Franca is English)

5. Los Angeles, USA 3.8 million – 1. Latin Americans Mestizos from Mexico and Central America ( Mexican, Salvadoran, Puerto Rican) 2. Whites Local and Immigrant (Bosnian) 3. Orientals Chinese,Korean, Fillipinos, Cambodians, Thais, Japanese 4. Blacks Mostly local non immigrant and some Africans ( Ethiopian and Nigerian) , 5. South Asians ( Indian) , 6. Middle Easterners (Armenian, Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese, Saudi Arabian),  7. Pacific Islanders (Samoan, Tongan, Hawaiian) 8. Native Americans. Mostly segregated Neighborhoods No race makes up majority  Official language – English


6. Houston 2.3 million – 1. Latin American Mestizos from Latin and Central America (Mexico, El Salvador, Cuban)  2. Whites mostly local  3. Blacks Local and African (Nigerian, Ethiopian, Somalian, Rwandan, Burundian, Sudanese), 4. Orientals East Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) South East Asian (Vietnamese, Filipino, Burman, Bhutanese), 5. South Asian (Indian, Pakistani) , 6. Middle Easterner ( Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese, Afghanis, Armenian, Uzbek)  7. Pacific Islanders (Samoan) 8. Native American People fairly mix Over 140 languages are spoken in the city.


7. Melbourne, Australia 3 million – 1 Whites Local and Immigrant ( British, Irish, Greek, German, French, White South African) 2. Orientals East Asian (Chinese, Korean), Southeast Asian ( Vietnamese, Filippino, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian 3. Pacific Islanders (Aboriginals, Samoans, Maoris from New Zealand),  4. South Asians (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian Mauritian), 5. Middle Easterners ( Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians ), 6. Blacks mostly from Africa ( Ethiopian, Sudanese) , 7. Latin Americans mostly South American Mestizos (Chileans) . Missing Native Americans People somewhat mix

Official language English

8. Sydney, Australia 4.7 million – Whites, Orientals, Pacific Islanders, South Asians, Middle Easterners, Aboriginals, Latin Americans mostly South American Mestizos, people somewhat mix (Not many Blacks)


Official language – English

9. Amsterdam, Holland 1.2 million- Whites, Middle Easterners from Maghreb and Turkey, Blacks Mostly from Carribean and Africa,South Asians, Latin Americans mostly South American Mestizos, – Missing Pacific Islanders People mix Average salary 2,710/32,520 One bedroom outside downtown One bedroom outside downtown $863.56/10,362.70

Official language – Dutch ( Most diverse Non English place)

10. Paris, France 2.3 million – Whites, Middle Easterners from Maghreb Lebanon and Turkey, Blacks mostly from Africa and Carribean, Orientals from China and Southeast Asia, Latin American Mestizos from South America- Not many South Asians, Pacific Islanders or People somewhat mix Average salary 2,840/34,080 One bedroom outside downtown 984.57/11,814


11. Washington,DC 646,000 – Blacks local and African, Whites mostly local, Latin Americans Mostly Central American Mestizos, Orientals, Middle Easterners, South Asians (Not many Pacific Islanders)


12. Chicago – 2.7 million Blacks mostly local non immigrant, with small African population, Whites local and European Ethnic, Latin Americans Central American Mestizo and Caribbean Puerto Rican, Orientals, Middle Easterners, (Missing Pacific Islanders) Majority of neighborhoods still segregated


13. Paramaribo 200,000- Blacks Creole and Maroons, South Asians mostly Indian, Orientals Chinese and Indonesian, Whites, Native Americans, Middle Easterners mostly Syrian and Lebanese  Mix (Missing Pacific Islanders)

14. Cayenne 200,000 – Blacks Creole and Maroons and Haitians, Whites Mostly French, but others as well, Orientals mostly Chinese, Laotians, Vietnamese, South Asian mostly Indian, Middle Easterner Mostly Lebanese, Native American (Missing Pacific Islanders)

15. Geneva – White, Middle Easterner, Oriental South Asian (Missing-Native American, Pacific Islander

16. Cape Town

Black 48% (Local African, Foreign African) Coloured, White (Local White, European White, White Latin Americans) South Asian (Indian, Pakistanis) Oriental (Chinese, Thai,Korean)

17. Montreal

18.Belmopan, Belize

19. San Francisco

20. Saint Denis, Reunion

21. Belmopan, Belize

22. Sao Paulo

23. Dallas, Texas

24. Johannesburg

25. Atlanta




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