Ghanaians versus Nigerians

Ghanaians Versus Nigerians

What’s the difference between Ghanaians and Nigerians

  1. Ghanaians are quiet and reserved whereas Nigerians are very loud
  2. Ghanaians are very peaceful,respectful and polite whereas Nigerians can be very combative and confrontational
  3. Ghanaians are very humble Nigerians love to show off.
  4. Ghanaians are too easygoing not business minded, Nigerians are very hardworking and love money.
  5. Ghanaians are innocent and Nigerians are very cunning and crafty
  6. Ghanaians generally speak better English with less of an accent than Nigerians.


  1. Both are West African
  2. Both are probably the most organically advanced educated Africans, along with Ethiopians
  3. Both Speak English
  4. Both are very religious
  5. Both like to travel

60-80% of Black Americans can trace their ancestry to Nigeria

16% Can trace their ancestry to Ghana

  1. Nigeria has Nollywood, Ghana has Gollywood

  1. Nigeria has Genevieve Nnaji Ghana has Jocelyn Dumas

  1. Nigeria has Agbadas Ghana has Kente Cloth

  1. Nigeria has Wole Soyinka Ghanas has ?

  1. Nigeria has Chimamanda Adichie  Ghana has ?

  1. Nigeria has Aliko Dangote 25 billion Ghana has Sam Jonah $700 billion

  1. Nigeria has Lagos Ghana has Accra
  1. Ghana has Nkrumah Nigeria has ?

  1. Nigeria has IVM Motors Ghana has Kantanka

  1. Ghana has Azonto Nigeria has

  1. Nigeria has Agbani Darego Ghana has?

  1. Nigeria has Nsibiri Script Ghana has Adinkra

Nigeria has Chiwetol Ejifor Ghana has Idris Elba

  1. Ghana has Ozwald Boateng Nigeria has?

  1. Ghana has David Adjaye Nigeria has ?

David Adjaye

Nigerians have Kunle Adeyemi

  1. Nigerians have Iny
  2. e
  3. Ghanaians have RLG


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