Worlds richest people

Worlds richest people

  1. Bill Gates $78  billion American   White  American   Computer products Seattle Atheist (Richest White Man)
  2. Carlos Slim $73 billion  Mexican   Arab Mexican  Telecom  Mexico City Catholic (Richest Arab)
  3. Amancio Ortega $57 billion Spain White Spanish Clothing products Madrid  Catholic
  4. Warren Buffet 5 billion United States Investments White American  Omaha Atheist
  5. Larry Ellison $43 B 69 Oracle United States  White American  Jewish   Bay Area Atheist (Richest Jew)
  6. Charles Koch $34 B 78 diversified United States White American  Wichita
  7. David Koch diversified United States White American New York
  8. Li Ka shing $31 B 85 diversified Hong Kong Asian  Chinese  Hong Kong Atheist (Richest Asian)
  9. Lilliane Bettancourt and family $30 B 91 L’Oreal France White French Paris (Richest Female)
  10. Bernard Arnault & family$29 B 64 LVMH France 11 White French Paris
  11. Christy Walton & family$28.2 B 58 Wal-Mart United States White American  Jackson, Wyoming
  12. Stefan Persson$28 B 66 H&M Sweden White Swedish Clothing   Stockholm
  13. Michael Bloomberg$27 B 71 Bloomberg LP United States White American Jewish New York
  14. Jim Walton$26.7 B 65 Wal-Mart United States White American Bentonville
  15. Sheldon Adelson$26.5 B 80 casinos United States White American
  16. Alice Walton$26.3 B 64 Wal-Mart United States White American
  17. Robson Walton$26.1 B 69 Wal-Mart United States White American
  18. Karl Albrecht$26 B 93 Aldi Germany White German   supermarket  Mulheim an der Ruhr
  19. Jeff Bezos$25.2 B 49 United States White American Seattle
  20. Larry Page$23 B 40 Google United States White Amerian Jewish  Website  Bay Area
  21. (5) Aliko Dangote$ 23 B (53 B) cement sugar flour Nigeria Black Nigerian  Lagos Christian (Richest Black Man)
  22. Sergey Brin$22.8 B 40 Google United States White American Jewish  Website Bay Area
  23. Mukesh Ambani $21.5 B 56 petrochemicals, oil & gas India South Asian Mumbai (Richest South Asian)
  24. Michele Ferrero & family$20.4 B 88 chocolates Italy White Italian  Monte Carlo
  25. Lee Shau Kee $20.3 B 85 diversified Hong Kong Asian Chinese   Hong Kong Atheist

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