Worlds largest Brands and Companies

Worlds number one Brand

  1. Apple $98 billion Cupertino, California  Electronics
  2. Google $93 billion Mountainview, California Website
  3. Coca Cola$79 billion Atlanta, Georgia Food and Beverage
  4. Microsoft $77 billion Redmond, Washington Computers
  5. McDonalds Oak Brook, Illinois Food and Beverage
  6. Intel Santa Clara, California 53 billion Electronics
  7. IBM Armonk, New York Electronics and Technology
  8. GE Fairfield, Connecticut Electricity
  9. Samsung Seoul, South Korea 26 billion Electronics
  10. Toyota Toyota, Aichi, Japan Cars

Largest Companies State Owned and Public

  1. Saudi Aramco 10 trillion Dhahran Saudi Arabia Oil
  2. Exxon Irving Texas Oil
  3. Apple Cupertino, California Electronics
  4. PetroChina Beijing Oil
  5. Walmart Bentonville, Arkansas Retail
  6. General Electric Fairfield, Connecticut Electricity
  7. Microsoft Redmond, Washington Electronics
  8. IBM Armonk, New York Electronics and technology
  9. Nestle Vevey, Switzerland Food
  10. Chevron Corporation San Ramon, California Oil

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