10 Weirdest most unique countries in the world

  1. North Korea- overly homogenous, authoritarian

Worlds most homogenous country 100% Korean

North Korea bases its calendar on Kim Il-Sung’s date of birth: 15 April 1912.

North Korea hands out ballots with only one option on them, so votes swing, you guessed it, 100% for the leader.

Although there may be some stop lights, many of them reportedly do not work and have been replaced by Police controlling the traffic.

The Rungnado May Day stadium has more than 150,000 seats and houses the extravagant Mass Games.

If one person violates a law or is sent to prison camp, it affects their whole family. Grandparents, parents, and children of the violator are sent to work with them.

n the 1990s all teachers were required to learn how to play accordions. Today, many citizens continue to specialize in the instrument.

As a way to intimidate South Korea and put on a front, Kijong-dong (Peace Village) was built after the Korean War.

Kim Il-sung will always be considered North Korea’s eternal leader, even though his heirs have taken the reigns.

Some include four-pointers (if a three-pointer never touches the rim) and points deducted for missed free throws.

Two of which are only available on weekends, while the other is broadcast in the evenings. Because of this, South Korean soap operas are among the most popular items smuggled in.

All students are expected to pay for basically everything but the teacher, causing some parents to secretly pull their children from school.

Pyongyang, one of North Korea’s only cities, is home to three million people, but only the elite. Only trustworthy, healthy, and loyal citizens can live there.

Because of its lack of resources, North Korea was forced to use human feces as fertilizer, demanding the product from its citizens.

arch of reunification

2. Japan-First country in East Asia to modernize, anime, manga

3. America-

1. Founded by religious fanatics who claimed they were being oppressed by England

2. Came to what is known as America killed 90 percent of the Native population and brought African slaves to do slave work

3. Fought Britain for independance and won

4. Allowed slavery in one half of the country and made it illegal in another

5. Became the most wealthiest and powerful country in the world

6. Non metric system

7. Highest percentage of monolingual people

8. Biggest world influencer in entertainment sports finance economics etc

9. The Worlds most racially diverse country

10. Allowance of guns

4. Madagascar-

1.Blasian Nation,

2. Most Endemic plants and animals,

3. mountainous, island desert country where it snows in some parts, and

4. people have long names and

5. hate twins

4. South Africa-


1. Topography is different to other African countries

2.Topography is diverse

3. Many White people in South Africa who have been there for 300 years since 1652

4. Theyve been a minority but they have controlled the country witan iron fist for a long time

5. They live in Africa but they hate Blacks

6. Some will even go so far to say they are African. White Africans of course

7. Apartheid

8. Even amongst this separation South Africa is home to a lot of mixed race people called strangely enough coloureds

9. Nelson Mandela

10. Most technologically advanced country in Africa with best infrastructure

11. 11 official languages

12. Xenophobia

13. Highest inequality rate in the whole world

14. Current president never even graduated high school

15. Only country with 3 capital cities

5. China- Why

1. 1 Billion people ,

2. strange language and writing system,

3. Strange Food,

4. Fastest growing economy,

5. fast construction,

6 factory to the world

7.One of the oldest most continuous cultures in the world

6. India-

1. Overcrowded,

2. home to 4 religions,

3. Each state has its own language

4. Weird religious rules

5. Caste system

7. Brazil-Multiracial society, home to more uncontacted tribes in world, home to worlds largest jungle, largest Catholic country, home largest Black, Arab, Japanese population outside respective areas, Best soccer country, high race mixing

8. Equatorial Guinea-

1. Only Spanish speaking counry in Africa, Only African country that speaks Spanish,

2. Strange dictators who called himself unique miracle, whose daughter sought exile in North Korea, 3. Bubi tribe,

4. one of richest Spanish speaking countries and countries in Africa. Was visited by Jean Le Pen

9. Hispanolia-Haiti and the Dominican republic are two contrasts between the most culturally and genetic Africans, and the least culturally and genetic Africans in the diaspora. Haiti is  voodoo and poor, Dominican Republic is Catholic and fairly prosperous.


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