15 Tallest proposed buildings in Africa

Tallest Proposed African buildings

1. Al Noor Tower Casablanca, Morocco 1,800 Will be 9th tallest building if completed (Cost $1.23 billion)

2. Meles Zenawi Center Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1,462

3.  Centurion Tower 1,432 Centurion(Pretoria)


4. Africa Tower, Abuja, 1,010 feet

4. Jabavu Hass Towers, Nairobi,Kenya 980 feet 66 floors




4. Upper Hill Square, Nairobi, Kenya 951 feet   66 Floor ($500 million)


there are two designs


6. Hope City Accra, Ghana 900  feet

5. The One Nairobi, Kenya 890

6. Abuja Stratosphere Abuja, Nigeria    850 feet

7. International Finance Center Sandton Sandton, South Africa  250 m (820 ft)

9. Britam Tower, Nairobi; Nairobi, Kenya  193 m (633 ft)


10. HazinaTower 180 m (590 ft) Nairobi, Kenya

hazina-towers-render1.jpg (600×983)

11. Pearl Sky  180 m (590 ft)  $24 million Durban, South Africa  2018


12. International Finance Centre 2 Sandton 590 Sandton, South Africa

13. AVIC International Africa 176 m (577 ft) Nairobi, Kenya  (Cost $93.6 million)


14. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 46 floors 571 feet  $200 million Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



15. Millenium Tower 2.7 million Abuja, Nigeria ($266 million)

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  1. Awesome. Now, every effort should be made to develop small towns and rural areas by establishing robust internet connectivity and paved roads. Of course, electricity and clean water should be made available. Kind of balanced development approach.


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