Best cities to live in Africa 2015

  1. Cape Town – Beautiful, Cheap,Cape Town (6 things)- Table Mountain, 3 styles of architecure-Regular modern, Bo-kaap, Cape Dutch, 2. Wine route, 3 Can go skiing, a few hours away and then go surfing on beach, 4. Most moderate weather in the world 5. Very clean, Cheap and affordable Needs better PT, Olympics, World Expo, Design district (World’s largest), GG. 5 Nicest areas-George, Strand, Clifton, Knysna, Llandudno – Downside Crime, and tension

Average salary $17,076

One bedroom outside downtown 408 or 4,896  (Range 294.50-564.80)

Richest neighborhoods- Constantia, Camps Bay, Kynsna, Clifton, Bishopscourt, Llandudno,

Poorest neighborhoods – Nyanga (Most dangerous city in South Africa), Gugulethu, Delft, Khayelitsha

2. Saint Denis, La Reunion – Cheap, Beautiful, Diverse, Modern, Waterfalls, beaches, mountains, exotic people (Downside its part of France, French taxes)

Average salary 19,526

One bedroon outside downtown 674 or 8088

Richest neighborhood-

Poorest neighborhood-

3. Victoria,Seychelles – Beautiful safe

Average salary 30,000

One bedroom outside of downtown 470 or 5621


4. Sandton- Cheap,Modern, , Black Middle Class,Sandton Mall, JSE Downside-Crime Sister City Mississauga

Average salary 38,124

One bedroom outside downtown 522 or 6,264

5. Durban- Cheap, modern Durban Marine World, Durban Mall, Durban Convention, Moses Mahdiba Stadium, Beach, Largest port in Africa Center, Nicest area – Umhlanga, North Coast Downside – Crime. Sister City Miami, Gold Coast

Average salary 13,282

One bedroom outside downtown 337 or 4,044  (Range 242.06 – 403.43)

Richest neighborhood – Umhlanga

Poorest neighborhood – Inanda, Umlazi, Kwamushu

5. Luanda – Many Business OpportunitiesLuanda pop 6,500,000- Modern African city, hilly, Good job opportunities especially to get paid well, Get paid 4 times salary and free schooling for kids, and paid apartment. Speak Portuguese. Teach at the University of Angola, or Translate Portuguese and Chinese Where I would live Waterfront, Parliament ( Luanda Sul, Talatona,go ) (Drawbacks, Expensive, Poor Public Transportation, might be corrupt) B,W Downsides(Expensive, No PT Needs $3 billion subway, Translucent green building, NL) Sister Cities Panama City, Santo Domingo, Hong Kong, Miami

Average salary 24,074

One bedroom outside downtown 2,600 or 31,000 (Range 1,500.00 – 4,500.00)

Richest districts – Luanda Sul, Talatona, Maianga

Poorest  districts – Boa Vista


6. Gaborone, Botswana-Cheap, peaceful, boring Tie Seychelles- Boring Sister City Tucson

Average Salary 20,000

One bedroom outside downtown 141.80 or 1,701

Richest neighborhood-Extensions 9 and 11, Phalakane

Poorest neighborhood-Old Naledi

7. Windhoek, Namibia – Cheap, peaceful, Boring Sister City Salt Lake City

Average $8,000

One bedroom outside downtown 419 or 5,078 (range 363.01 – 484.11)

Richest neighborhood – Hochland Park

Poorest neighborhood – Katatura

8. Port Louis- Peaceful, Diverse (Downsides-Not really African) Sister City Singapore

Average salary 13,704

One bedroom outside downtown 710 or 8,520

Richest neighborhood-

Poorest neighborhood-

9.Praia, Cape Verde- Cheap, Peaceful

Average salary 1,900

One bedroom outside downtown 152 or 1,824

Richest neighborhood-

Poorest neighborhood-

10. Accra – Peaceful Safe, Nice real Estate On average, people in Accra have the biggest houses in Africa, Downsides – Boring, Bad Bus System

Average salary 4,004

One bedroom outside downtown 627 or 7,524 (Range 380.56-922.17)

Richest neighborhood – Trasacco Valley

Poorest neighborhood – Agblobloshie



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